The Informal Job Interview: How Should You Handle It?

A black man and a black woman talking in a coffee shop.

Over the last few years, cultural shifts have drastically impacted the way we do business. Take the hiring process as an example. Being interviewed for a job always meant meeting with a manager in their office. You’d show your resume, they’d ask you some questions, you’d respond, and then you’d wait for a call. Today, […]

Four Documents that You Should Give EVERY New Employee

A person filling out Human Resources documents

Hiring employees comes with great responsibility. Not only is it essential to hire people using a fair process and offer them a standard wage, but all employers must also provide their employees with specific documentation that meets federal and state requirements. Your Human Resources team must maintain any federal or state documentation in a confidential […]

To Whom it May Concern | 3 Ways to Modernize Your Cover Letter

Here are 3 ways to modernize and improve your cover letter to help you get noticed by recruiters

Breaking news! The rules have changed when it comes to writing the perfect cover letter. Gone are the days of writing multiple paragraphs to share your accomplishments. It is no longer exciting, and today’s recruiters do not have the time or patience for it. They are looking for fresh, modern, and exciting cover letters to […]

Use These Tips to Negotiate Salary During an Interview

Let's talk about how to negotiate for a better salary

Salary negotiations usually begin during the interview process. So, before you start your job search, know your worth! Online tools such as Payscale,, and Glassdoor can provide an idea of the salary range you can expect. Before your first interview, prepare the reasons why you think you are worth your desired salary range. Consider your specific skillset and […]

Want to Stay Top of Mind? Email Your Interviewer!

Woman typing on a laptop with email vectors flying out from her fingers.

After sending out multiple resumes and pursuing leads, you finally landed that coveted interview. You arrived early, dressed appropriately to match the company’s atmosphere, looked everybody in the eye, and answered all of their questions to the best of your ability while showcasing your skills. Time to sit back, wait, and hope, right? Not quite. […]

How to Construct a Resume

Copy of a professional resume next to a laptop and a pen

Resumes are a great way to showcase your talents and experience. It’s like an advertisement – for you. And, most jobs will require you to submit a resume as well as fill out an application. So, always keep your resume handy and up-to-date. A resume helps in several ways. It Gives You a Professional Appearance […]