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To Whom it May Concern | 3 Ways to Modernize Your Cover Letter

Breaking news! The rules have changed when it comes to writing the perfect cover letter. Gone are the days of writing multiple paragraphs to share your accomplishments. It is no longer exciting, and today’s recruiters do not have the time or patience for it. They are looking for fresh, modern, and exciting cover letters to grab their attention and get them to call people in for interviews.

So, how can you write a cover letter that will grab a recruiter’s attention and get you to the next step – an interview? Read on to learn how with these three simple tips.

Hook the reader with a strong introductory statement 

Your opening line is what gets the reader excited about you and how you could be the perfect fit for the job they are trying to fill. Make sure you open with a strong intro statement. Think of it as your best sales pitch. For example, you could start with, “Looking for a seasoned copywriter with ten years of agency experience? Your search is over. I am…”

Focus on the company and what they are looking for

The body of your cover letter should support your opening statement with at least 3-4 strong points that illustrate that you have what it takes. Include things that the company will value, such as your ability to manage clients, increase revenues, and improve processes. Show in clear terms how you are the best candidate for the job. And don’t be afraid to interject a little personality!

Make sure you address the critical points in the job advertisement

Recruiters are wise to candidates who don’t bother to read job descriptions or the requirements. It is crucial that you take the time to read the job description and requirements thoroughly and then take it a step further by including some of the main points in your cover letter. Pull out some keywords and phrases, then rewrite them to sound natural in your cover letter.

Lastly, use a call to action statement at the bottom of your cover letter to ask the recruiter to call you to set up an interview, and include your best contact information.

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