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Four Documents that You Should Give EVERY New Employee

Hiring employees comes with great responsibility. Not only is it essential to hire people using a fair process and offer them a standard wage, but all employers must also provide their employees with specific documentation that meets federal and state requirements. Your Human Resources team must maintain any federal or state documentation in a confidential and secure employee file.

There are at least four required documents necessary to keep on record after hiring a new employee: 

Employee Application

Each company may have a different way of obtaining employees’ applications, but all employees must fill out a job application for the job advertised. The job application may be in paper format, or it may be a digital file accessed through an applicant tracking system. Even if the employee has turned in a resume and cover letter, they must fill out an application. An employment application must include vital information about the employee, including contact information, emergency contact information, and complete career and educational history. All persons can apply for an open job to comply with equal opportunity laws.

Employee I-9 Form

The US Department of Homeland Security requires all new hires to complete an I-9 identification form to prove their identity and native residents, or work under a non-resident Visa. An I-9 Form form must be supplied to each new hire and processed within three business days. If an employee cannot prove their identity, an offer of employment a company, in turn, cannot offer work. In some cases, the E-verify system, into which I-9 data is input, cannot verify a candidate’s identification. In this case, the candidate must visit their local Social Security Administration office to obtain a temporary identification number. It is important to note that HR and recruitment professionals should NOT keep copies of any proof of identification with the I-9 form.

W-4 Tax Form

All new hires should also receive a W-4 federal tax form, and complete it before their first payday. Also, a separate state tax may be required in certain states. This tax form ensures that all employees are paid the correct amount and have their income taxes assessed accurately.

Employee Policy Handbook

In addition to all the necessary government forms, all new hires should be issued an up-to-date copy of the company’s employee policy handbook. This handbook includes all of the workplace policies, procedures, and bylaws of the company. There should be a sign off sheet within the document that is to be signed and a copy of this placed in the employee’s confidential file. The employee handbook not only protects employees, but it also protects the company by documenting that the employee has been explained and received information about company policies.

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