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Use These Tips to Negotiate Salary During an Interview

Salary negotiations usually begin during the interview process. So, before you start your job search, know your worth! Online tools such as, and Glassdoor can provide an idea of the salary range you can expect.

Before your first interview, prepare the reasons why you think you are worth your desired salary range. Consider your specific skillset and your added value to the company. Remember to aim high, because the employer will undoubtedly aim low if you don’t convince them otherwise.

  • Many companies will ask you to provide a desired salary range at some point in the application or the interview process. Don’t bring up the subject in the first round of interviews unless the employer asks you directly. If you advance further in the interview process, ask about the job opening’s salary range. If the salary range is below your desired range, then speak up! Don’t waste your time or the company’s if they’re unable to compensate you appropriately.
  • You may be asked to share your last salary. You are under no obligation to do so, and your negotiating power may disappear if you volunteer the information. One way to tackle the question is to respond by stating what range you are looking for rather than what you earned in your previous position.
  • Once a company extends an offer, negotiate. Most likely, the offer will be below your desired range. Explain to the employer clearly what your worth is (again, if needed) and explore options other negotiating options such as a signing bonus, a yearly review with a possible raise, additional vacation, remote work, or other benefits that have value to you.

Remember, unless you share your desired range, a low-ball offer is what you can expect. Therefore, communicating what your needs at the appropriate time maximizes your chances of receiving an offer in your desired salary range.

According to Liz Ryan of Forbes, most candidates who communicate their desired ranges receive lower offers, but they subsequently can successfully negotiate a better offer.

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