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A Fun Company Culture Can Still Be a Productive One

Businesses place much emphasis on making workplaces more fun to appeal to a younger generation of workers. Look no further than companies like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, where employees enjoy plenty of “playtime” to break up their daily tasks. Nap pods, indoor sports facilities, bring your pet to work days, and creative centers are becoming the norm for progressive companies. But, how can fun workplaces produce the kind of results that companies need to stay ahead of the competition?

In today’s post, we will examine the ways that fun company culture can also be a productive one.

A fun work culture provides an environment where employees are free to express themselves

From fun workspaces to onsite activities that bring out the best in everyone, a fun work culture encourages creativity and innovation. Employees can express their ideas freely, which brings the best minds together to form new and better business ideas and set creative goals. Workers who are not repressed by old school management and work cultures can bring more to their teams and the company.

Having fun at work reduces stress and improves worker performance

The Centers for Disease Control advises that nearly one-third of all workers report that they feel either stressed or burned out from their jobs, resulting in severe performance issues. When employees are happy, they tend to work harder and give back to the companies that invest in their well-being. Having access to fun at work relieves the stress of the workday so they can be more focused and ready to face challenges.

Fun work cultures encourage people to work together to solve conflicts 

Many workplaces foster bad attitudes, backstabbing, and team conflicts. When a company introduces an element of fun into its corporate culture, people start to work better together. Things lighten up, and there is less conflict because people have outlets for talking through ideas and working on team projects in a more positive environment.

Creating a fun workplace can start by adding some new fun team activities and breaking up work tasks with creative and physical outlets for blowing off steam. You’ll soon find that this benefits your company in many surprising ways.

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