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What Makes a Cover Letter Stand Out from the Others in the Pile?

Trying to find a job can be very frustrating. Have you ever wondered why you are not getting any calls from hiring managers after you go through the effort of sending a professional resume and cover letter? Perhaps it’s not you. It could be your cover letter just needs a little bit of tweaking.

How can you make sure that your cover letter jumps out of the pile and gets noticed by the hiring manager? Here are some tips and tricks from Staffing Service USA.

Less is More

When it comes to cover letters less is more. You do not need to write a long-winded letter in order to win the approval of a hiring manager. In fact, you want to keep it short and sweet and to the point. Try staying under 200 words. Why does this matter? Hiring managers read through literally hundreds of cover letters every single day. Make their life easier by getting right to the point and opening up with a professional and friendly greeting. Thank them for their time and get right to work trying to convince them that you are the person they need to call.

Sell Yourself

Think of your cover letter like a fun sales pitch. This is your 30-second commercial to let the hiring manager know about your value. Try one sentence that encompasses all of your best skills and qualities. Follow up with a list of three to five bullet points that back up your value. If you have any grand achievements, include them briefly.  Attach a business card to the final document if you plan to mail it. Any more than that would be overkill.

Ask for an Interview

This may seem obvious to most people, but it is the most often left out step on a cover letter. If you want an interview – just ask for it. In a professional way, say to the hiring manager that you thank them for considering you for this position and you would welcome the opportunity to speak with them in person about the job. Invite them to give you a call during a specific time of the week (Wed through Friday from 8am to 3 pm for example) and make sure you provide your contact telephone number. Sign off professionally and you are done.

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