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Four Ways to Improve Your Quality Control Process…Without Breaking the Bank

Quality control is a very important component of running any type of organization. When the end result or product is of high-quality, it results in repeat business and a good reputation for the company. But managing and monitoring quality assurance and the controls that need to be in place take time and effort. Unfortunately, some companies do not have the resources to hire an entire quality management team. This is when low-cost methods come into play.

Read on to learn 4 low-cost ways to improve your bottom line quality without breaking the bank.

Define Quality Control Processes

If you want to have quality controls in your workplace, take a look at your current processes. How do your current workers perform their work and is there room for improvement? Are you also looking at the equipment and materials used to perform work? Clearly define and streamline your quality processes so that they are sustainable within your business.

Hire People Who Have the Right Skills

The foundation of a QA focuses workplace is a strong workforce that has a background in producing quality work. Therefore, in your recruitment efforts be sure to hire people who have been assessed for their ability to pay attention to detail, work up to high standards, and apply the basic principles of quality assurance.

Focus on Quality Training and Development

In order to control costs throughout the year, a training and development program that teaches the principles of Lean Six Sigma and quality control is vital. Mentoring programs do not cost much at all to maintain. Your point of service management team can also work with employees who are struggling in areas of quality control. Ongoing training and development shows you have an investment in your people and in the quality work they provide.

Clean and Improve on a Regular Basis

Instead of panicking during times of inspections or peak periods in production, why not make regular clean-ups and quality observations a regular part of the year? Educate employees on ways they can improve their work areas by keeping clutter at bay and watching for safety concerns. Invite employees to share their ideas for making improvements to get them engaged in the concept.

These are just a few ways your organization can become more competitive in terms of quality control efforts. If you want to hire more employees who are interested in being part of this improvement, consider hiring on a temp to perm basis from our Staffing Service USA.

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