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Getting Hired Fast – How to Stand Out from the Competition

The job market is tight these days. That much we know. And, most job seekers will sit through many interviews before ever receiving a job offer. If you want to get off the unemployed list – let alone land your dream job – you’re going to need to stand out from the competition, now more than ever. So, what does it take to develop that “wow factor” that your competitors are lacking?

Build Your Online Brand

Today, it’s a guarantee that hiring managers will Google your name. So, what will be the first thing they see? Let’s assume for a minute that there are no embarrassing pictures of you shot-gunning a bag of Franzia floating around out there. It takes more than a clean past to build a solid business reputation. Hiring managers are looking to see what value you will add to their company. What skills and experience do you have? Are there examples of your work available online, or references to your achievements at a previous job? Online marketing isn’t just for businesses – it’s a great way to sell your personal “brand.” And websites like Squarespace and Showit make it easy for you to build a portfolio website in days – no web design experience necessary. 

Clean up your social media presence by either making your accounts private or by designating specific accounts as public-facing. Utilize each platform’s privatizing capabilities. For example, Facebook makes it quick and easy for you to change public posts to private ones with the click of a button. 

Do Your Research

In a roomful of candidates, make yourself stand out by being the one who knows the history and values of the company you are interviewing. Most candidates spend too much time reviewing their responses to standard interview questions and not enough time thinking about how to say something genuinely insightful. If you can display an intimate knowledge of the company’s projects and achievements, it will show that you will take the job seriously. Not only that, but giving authentic responses to tough questions, rather than canned or rehearsed answers, will show a potential employer that you’re capable of answering tough questions on the spot and in a professional manner. 

Take Charge

Too many job seekers take a passive role in the hiring process, especially during an interview. Interviews are a two-way street; you have as much right to ask questions as the hiring manager. Asking bold, insightful questions proves that you will be more than just a warm body taking up space. 

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