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A Simple Strategy to Help You Budget Better (And Save More)

Got big plans for this summer?

Whether you have a vacation in the works, have a big purchase coming up, or just want a stronger hold on your finances, controlling your budget is the only way to guarantee your dreams will pan out. The problem is that not many of us are experts at keeping track of the minute details. Do you struggle with tracking your budget? We’ve got a simple, sure-fire strategy that will fatten your wallet without making you sweat over every purchase. The whole trick comes to knowing exactly how much you’re spending. How can you do it?


Obviously, the goal is to spend less than you make. You can’t just blow money on everything that catches your eye. But that’s not the type of simplifying that we’re talking about. You need to simplify and streamline the way you track your spending. Choose one method of payment and stick to it whenever possible. If you regularly switch between payment methods (using multiple credit cards or switching from cash to cards, for example), you may not realize how much you’ve spent until it’s too late.

Get a Decent Credit Card

You’ll need to learn a little self-control if you plan on charging everything, but using a credit card is a lifesaver for tracking your expenses. Most any card can give you an up-to-date summary of your expenses at any moment. You will be able to track how much of your money is going to bills, how much you’re spending on food, what your entertainment expenses are like… everything, really. Paying with cash makes it too easy to forget a dollar here or there, leaving you with a big hole in your budget at the end of the month.

Use a Budgeting App

Since it’s almost impossible to use a card for everything, you’ll need a good way to consolidate your spending habits. The days of bulky spreadsheets are gone – long live the app! There are a lot of simple, free (that should be a pre-requisite, right?) apps that will help you track your income and spending. Our favorite is Mint, a fantastic, easy to use little app with plenty of helpful features. It even sends you alerts about your bills, so you’ll never be hit with a pesky late fee again.

Budgeting really comes down to two simple factors: spend less, earn more. There’s only so much we can do to help you with the first one, but helping you earn more is our specialty. As the most trusted temp agency in York, PA and throughout the region, we’ve helped thousands of workers gain control of their finances by taking on extra work. We currently have exciting job opportunities in many interesting fields. Contact us to see which ones would be a good fit for you.

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