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How to Run an AMAZING Employee Wellness Initiative

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. The link between feeling good and working hard seems obvious, but its implications are far-reaching and profound. As an example, an obese worker costs their employer over $4,000 more, as a yearly average, than a lower-weight employee would just on insurance and medical expenses. Speaking more generally, healthy workers take less sick days, have fewer workplace accidents, and are more energetic on the job.

Are you looking to improve the overall health of your employees? These Pennsylvania winters make it too easy to settle into a cozy, lazy rut. Starting an employee wellness initiative can be a great way to get your workers thinking healthy again! What does it take to make a wellness program successful?

Employee Wellness Initiatives Should Stay Positive

There are probably a few members of your team thrive on competition and are eager to be compared to their coworkers. These are probably the same ones who least need a wellness program. The rest of your staff is unlikely to participate if their participation and results will be monitored too closely. Instead of turning it into a competition, keep the theme motivational and encouraging, and keep individual results private.

Make Your Goals Specific

They say that a goal that’s not specific is just a dream. If your program’s goal is simply that your staff “lose weight,” or “eat healthily,” or “exercise more,” it will be impossible to gauge your progress. Enthusiasm will disappear faster than the donuts on cheat day. Instead, set specific goals for your team and for individuals who are willing to participate.

Keep Your Goals Realistic

The goal is to create a healthier team and improve productivity, not make everyone miserable. If participating in the employee wellness initiative is too stressful or takes up too much time, your program will backfire. Keep everyone happy by setting realistic, achievable goals.

Don’t Forget a Healthy Mind

Employee wellness programs don’t always have to be based on physical goals. Healthy minds are just as important to your business, if not more so, than strong bodies. Programs that encourages taking more breaks, more sick/personal days, and more “me time” will refresh minds and make your team appreciate their jobs.

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