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Jumping Mental Roadblocks: How to Get Through an Unproductive Day

How many times have you gotten stuck during a project, not because it was too hard, and not because you lacked resources, but because your brain simply refused to cooperate? There’s a good chance it might have happened to you today! There are many legitimate excuses to hit a roadblock when working, but the most frustrating moments come when we have no excuse, when we simply don’t have the willpower to get the job done (spoiler alert: the power was in you all along). Would you like to beat procrastination for good? Buckle up; it’s time to blast through some roadblocks!

Think Smaller

Finishing a task makes us happy. In fact, when you complete a task, your brain releases dopamine, which gives you a mental lift. By breaking up your project into easily achievable mini-goals, you maximize the amount of boosts you get throughout the day.

Reward Yourself

Did you finish the mini-goal from step 1? Don’t just blast through to the next one. Treat yourself! Whatever it takes to make you feel like your effort was worth it, now’s the time to keep your enthusiasm and energy flowing.

Take Breaks

It seems counterintuitive, but taking breaks throughout the day makes us more productive than working nonstop does. Give your brain 5-10 minutes to recharge, and you’ll hit the ground running when you get back to work. Just be sure you don’t go overboard. A short break every hour or two should be ideal.


Are you having trouble figuring out how to move forward? Ask for advice from a trusted coworker. They might say just what you need to hear for inspiration. Even if you don’t use their advice, having someone else involved in your project makes you feel accountable to them, which will make you work harder.

Eliminate Distractions

Though breaks are important, you want them to come when you need them and on your terms. Set your phone to only allow important notifications through. If it’s not related to your current project, it can wait until you’ve got a spare minute.

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