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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated EVERY Day

Engaging with and motivating a diverse workforce is never easy. There is no universal key that turns every employee into a star performer.

Do you struggle to keep your workers’ morale and productivity high?

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Lancaster, PA, we’ve been helping managers overcome this struggle for over 30 years. So, what does it take to create a highly-motivated workforce?

Traditional Motivational Strategies Aren’t Enough

Too many businesses expect employees to perform their work with minimal contact from middle and upper management. While this might streamline a manager’s day-to-day workload, morale and productivity are sure to suffer. You can’t hope for your employees to stay motivated when their only feedback comes at quarterly reviews, nor can you expect initiative from workers who feel disconnected from their supervisors. A feedback drought creates a divide between you and your staff, a divide that it is your responsibility to bridge.

You Have to Engage with Your Staff EVERY DAY

No, we don’t just mean you have to greet each worker every day. A study performed by the Boston Consulting Group found that the most important factor in employee motivation is feeling appreciated. A simple “Good job!” is rarely enough, nor will it last for long. What factors make your words of encouragement truly hit home?

Be Specific

Your staff should know that you are truly paying attention to their work, and they must believe that you value their efforts. Again, a brisk “Good job!” as you walk past doesn’t prove that you know what your employee accomplished (or even that you know his or her name!). In contrast, if you pay attention to each worker and know their achievements, you will be able to offer specific, sincere praise.

Offer Praise Every Day

No matter what industry you work in, major milestones are only reached once in a blue moon. Production and sales goals, for example, might only be fairly evaluated every quarter, at best. Still, that doesn’t mean that your staff isn’t achieving minor victories every time they clock in. If you regularly engage with each member of your team, your appreciation will be obvious and your staff will stay motivated.

If you’re looking to build a highly-motivated, hard-working team, we can help. Our stringent application process helps ensure you’ll find the right job candidate every time. Contact us today so that one of our expert recruiters can match the perfect employees to your company.

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