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The Most Common (And Expensive) Workplace Injuries

Fireman, police officer, logger… there are a lot of jobs that sound inherently dangerous.  We often forget that all jobs come with risks, even in an office; it’s just that we’ve grown used to them. OSHA estimates that workplace injuries cost American businesses at least $1 Billion per week. Most of these injuries are not related to unavoidable catastrophes. Almost all accidents can are preventable with some simple, common sense precautions. Here are some of the most common and costly injuries.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

If a job requires any repetitive motion throughout the day, long-term damage can result. The motion itself doesn’t have to be difficult. Working on a factory line, as a driver, or simply typing at a computer can lead to severe damage over time. Issues such as Carpal Tunnel Disorder are painful and cost businesses nearly $2 Billion per year.

Roadway Accidents

Every business relies on motor vehicles in some way. Delivery trucks, forklifts, and even personal vehicles are leading causes of many workplace injuries. Such accidents are to blame for almost $4 Billion in yearly damages.

Crushing Accidents

Business and industrial grade equipment tends to be quite heavy-duty. It’s no surprise that hundreds of workers get struck by, caught in, crushed, pinched, or squeezed by work equipment every day. When combined, such injuries are responsible for over $9 Billion worth of medical care.


Falls have the dubious honor of being the second most costly type of injury for American businesses. How damaging? Just shy of $18 Billion per year. You don’t have to fall very far to hurt yourself, either. Falls from a standing position can do a surprising amount of damage. Even a small slip can cause a sprain or other minor (but painful!) injury.


Lifting, pushing, pulling, and other physically stressful motions caused $19.23 Billion worth of injuries. It’s important to note that this figure, like those preceding it, accounts only for direct costs (such as medical care and worker’s compensation). Indirect costs, like downtime and hiring replacements for injured workers, are much higher. In short, it pays to protect yourself and your employees from accidents of all sorts!

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