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Planning to Update Your Resume in 2017? Watch These Trends

Searching for a new job isn’t the same as it was just a few years ago. There are members of the workforce today who have never considered looking in the local paper for a job listing. Whether you’re looking at nationwide job postings, sticking to a local search, or using one of the temp agencies in Lancaster, there’s one part of the job search that hasn’t changed. Job seekers must have an eye-catching resume if they want attention from recruiters. If you’re fishing for jobs with the same resume you’ve used for years, you’re probably missing out on some great offers. So before you apply for your next job, pay attention to these resume trends for 2017.

The Experts Agree: Less Is More

Recruiters sort through dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes for every job opening. To stand out in this headache-inducing sea of paper, your resume should fulfill the three S’s: sleek, streamlined, and simple. Resumes exist so that supervisors can learn vital facts about you as quickly as possible. If any details on that paper are not pertinent to your prospective job, delete them. Some of the areas that experts recommend cutting may even surprise you.

References? Who Needs ‘Em!


Are you qualified for the job? When your future employer decides you are, they will ask about your references; not a moment sooner. Even noting that references are “available upon request” is entirely redundant. Having good references is a given, as much a waste of space as specifying that you are a human being. Save that space for more pertinent info, or just leave it empty for a streamlined look.



Ditch the Elaborate Formats


Recruiters aren’t like fish; they won’t be lured in with fancy fonts and graphic design. You want the most interesting parts of your resume to be your skills, education, and accomplishments. The only thing that an elaborate resume proves is that you paid someone on Fiverr to jazz it up.



Add Social Media


In 2017, pretending that our online presence isn’t important is hopelessly old-fashioned. Successful people in all industries rely on social media to communicate and network. Use the space you freed up already to add social media contact information. Especially, you should focus on professional networks, such as LinkedIn.

If you think your resume is lean, mean, and ready for 2017, we’d love to see it.

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