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How to Motivate Your Team to Surpass 2016 Goals in the Upcoming Year

2016 has been a challenging year for many organizations. The economy has been recovering, there have been debates over who should be leading the USA, and staffing shortages have made it difficult to attract and retain good employees. The year may be coming to a close, but this doesn’t mean that your team cannot reach its annual goals and, better yet, set and surpass your goals for 2017.

Here are some ideas to get through the last few weeks, motivate your team, and start out the New Year strong.

Host a Company Staff Meeting to Lay Out a Map

Your executive leadership team needs to hold a company staff meeting to outline what is to happen over the next few weeks leading up to 2017. This should outline where the company stands now, projections for the next few weeks, and customer and revenue goals.

Conduct a Performance Review of All Employees

Each department manager should take the time to schedule performance reviews at regular intervals during the year. At the very least, plan to conduct them now and urge employees to set a career goal to reach by the end of the year.

Set Short Term Goals That Have Long Term Impacts

When creating these goals for the short term, work with each employee to find out what will have the greatest impact on their productivity and attitude. For example, it may be a good time to set a short term goal of meeting all project deadlines for the remaining part of 2016.

Ask Employees What Goals They Have For Themselves

Find out what is motivating your employees by asking them what they are looking forward to achieving by the end of the year. Tap into this frequently to keep employees focused.

Hire Temporary Staff to Help Your Regular Employees Focus on Goals

Near the end of each year, it’s easy to get burnt out and bored with work. Combined with seasonal pressures, employees can easily check out. To offset this problem and keep employees motivated, hire a few temporary employees who can take on routine tasks.

Provide the Right Incentives to Employees

Give employees some fun incentives for reaching their goals. For example, start a friendly competition and assign teams to meet an important objective for each department. Then celebrate the achievements with a holiday party where everyone wins a prize or a bonus.

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