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What to Do When One Employee is Chronically Late?

Are you dealing with a chronically late employee? Nearly every workplace has at least one. This is the person who rushes into the office a few minutes late every workday and always has a good excuse. The problem is, this happens in front of other people and over time this can cause resentment in your employees who make an effort to arrive to work on time every day.

Some people are just tardy as a habit. They have poor time management skills and don’t know how to change. However, it is not fair to other people who are better at managing their time. As an employer, it is your job to hold all your employees accountable for developing good work skills, including arriving to work on time every day.

Here are some management tips for dealing with that one problem employee in the office who comes to work late day after day.

Create a Value Of Punctuality In The Culture

Is being on time of value in your workplace? If managers are showing up to work at all hours of the day, then how can you expect employees to adhere to your attendance policy? Make sure punctuality and timeliness are a part of your core values system in your culture.

Make Sure You Have an Attendance Policy

While you are thinking about it, does your company have an official attendance policy in the employee handbook? If not, then now is the time to write one and distribute it to all of your employees. Have all employees sign off on this policy and include it their employee file.

Take Notice and Keep Track Of The Tardiness

As a manager it is your job to make sure that all of your employees arrive on time and become productive as soon as possible each day. Therefore, make it a point to walk into the employee clock-in area about 4 minutes after everyone is punched in. If an employee is late, remove their attendance card and take it to your office. The employee will be forced to come to your office to retrieve their timecard and explain why they’re late. You can use this as an opportunity to educate them on the importance of being on time.

Make Tardiness a Performance Issue

Time management is an important component of effective performance on the job. Therefore, make tardiness a performance issue. Since you will be keeping track of your employee’s incidents of being late, you should have documentation that you can present during performance reviews. Create a performance improvement plan that includes being on time as a goal to reach. Make sure you have incentives and consequences for the employee.

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