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Five Signs That Identify Employees with Star Potential

Developing your employees is a large investment of time, effort and money. How can you tell which employees have the ability to be a major contributor to the future of your organization? It’s in your best interest to identify these stand out employees and create a plan that helps them reach their professional goals while using their talents to further your business interests.

Employees Worth Investing In Often Share These Common Traits.

They Understand The Organization

Stand out employees make an ongoing effort to keep up with what goes on within the company and how your business is perceived from the outside. They understand the culture and make efforts to contribute to reaching company goals. They know how their own actions impact the organization as a whole.

They Are Already Working On Themselves

Top performers don’t wait around until management comes forward with an employee development program. They are already taking courses, reading or looking for mentors who can help them be better at their own job and prepare them for their next promotion.

They Are Natural Leaders

People are drawn to them. They take up the mantle without being asked. They are the people who get things done and know how to delegate and inspire even if they are not in a leadership role. They don’t demand credit for their accomplishments. They point to the strength of the team.

They’re Not Afraid To Get Their Hands Dirty

Stand out employees are eager to help out wherever they are needed. No task is beneath them when something needs to get done. You’ll never hear them say, “That’s not part of my job description. “

They’re Not Afraid To Take Risks

Star employees are not timid. These are the employees who embrace change, are eager to learn something new and will go for that promotion that looks just outside of their grasp. They know what they want, professionally and personally and they’re not afraid to go for it.

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