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Heading to an Interview? Don’t Forget to Wear THIS

Have you been invited to a job interview with a local industrial company in Lancaster, PA? While you are excited about this opportunity, you may also be wondering how you should dress for the best chance of making a positive first impression. Unlike other types of job interviews and career situations, in which you may wear a suit or other business attire, a warehouse is no place for this kind of career wear. So, how do you look your best, while being appropriate for the environment?

Read on for some fashion guidelines for industrial, warehouse, and general labor jobs.

Consider Safety First

An industrial environment is a dirty, noisy, dangerous place. Therefore, you need to be mindful as you prepare to go on a job interview here. Normally, the attire that can protect you includes: long pants, a dress shirt or blouse, and comfortable, closed-toed dress shoes. If you have steel-toed shoes, it’s ok to bring them along just in case.

Dress for the Job Type

If you have an interview in the warehouse, you will want to choose attire that reflects the average workwear of this kind of work. If you are interviewing for a job in a professional sales or administrative role, you will want to dress more towards the business side of things. However, avoid wearing short of tight-fitting clothes and heels if you are a woman, or too much jewelry or fragrance.

Ask the Recruiter

One sure fire way to dress correctly for a job interview is to ask the recruiter. They are generally more than happy to provide you with insight into the proper attire for a general labor or warehouse job. Err on the side of being appropriate as opposed to over-dressing and being uncomfortable during the interview.

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