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Professional Development Resources Every Employer Should Provide Their Employees

When staffing budgets get tight, often companies reduce professional development benefits extended to employees. This is a mistake because it means fewer employees will have the support they need to excel on the job – negatively affecting the company’s profitability. Professional development doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are many free and low cost ways to provide learning benefits to employees while sticking to a budget.

Here are some career development benefits your organization should be offering to employees.

Communications Training

One of the top ways to help employees grow in their careers are by teaching them the proper way to communicate in the workplace. This is often an area where people struggle. From written emails and reports to customer service and public speaking; all areas of communication methods should be addressed in a structured training program.

Mobile Technology

This may come as a surprise to many development teams, but there is a growing need for all employees to be able to handle a large number of tasks using mobile devices. As the workforce continues to become flexible and more employees take on remote tasks, the ability to use mobile technology is vital.

Leadership Development

You may have an informal leadership program in place already, based on internal mentoring and some leadership training. But it could use and overhaul as your company grows and new challenges face leaders. This can also be useful for succession planning.

Wellness Development

A healthy workplace is a productive one. Therefore, providing support to employees to create balanced lifestyles is worthwhile. Host a series of brown bag lunch trainings on various health and wellness topics on a regular basis, educating employees about personal health habits, reducing stress, and more.

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