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3 Questions You Should be Asking Your Interviewer During Your First Interview

Most job seekers anticipate job interviews to be much like an interrogation. The recruiter asks a bunch of questions and the candidate does his or her best to answer them. But, do you realize that this is also an opportunity for you to dig deeper into the company to see if you want to work there or not? With this in mind, be sure you are asking the next 3 questions during your first interview.

Does this job offer room for growth?

Before you even consider working for any company, be sure to understand if it fits in with your need to grow in your career. Ask this question to find out what opportunities you may have to advance into better roles in the future. You don’t want to get yourself into a limited place where you have no upward mobility.

How will my success be measured?

This interview question serves two purposes. First, it lets the recruiter know you care about the work you do and performance is a value you have. Second, it gives you insight into the type of performance management system that the company currently uses, if any. A company invested in its employee’s successes has a strong performance policy in place to reward top performers.

What are some of the pressing projects I may be working on?

This question demonstrates your willingness to roll up your sleeves and get to work ASAP. At the same time, it lets the recruiter know you aren’t afraid of hard work and you are a problem solver, eager to get started. You can also gain a sneak peek to see if the job will be a good match for your skills and if you need to brush up on anything before starting.

Lean on these interview questions during any interview to wow the recruiters and to gain valuable insight into the company and job during the early stages of the career game.

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