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How to Find the Perfect Career Mentor to Help You Advance Your Career

Mentoring has long been an important aspect of building a long term, successful career. Career advancement is about learning, and no college course or training program can prepare you for a career in the real world like a mentor can. Mentors are seasoned professionals who bring with them years of experience, gathered from both positive and negative aspects of the career. This insight is invaluable, which is why you need to find a mentor as soon as possible to grow your career.

How can you find the perfect career mentor to help you advance in your career? Here are some helpful tips.

Use your social networks

Today, finding a mentor is as easy as opening up your LinkedIn or Facebook app, and plugging in some keywords for your industry. Inquire with leaders in your market if they are interested in a mentoring relationship, then share your background and career goals.

Join professional associations

Another very effective way to target your mentor search is by joining and participating in your industry associations. These are literally directories of seasoned professionals who are eager to teach the next generation about how to succeed in the work you do.

Your college career center

If you are nearing graduation or a recent college grad, don’t forget about all the resources offered by your Alma matter. Visit the career center for help in finding a mentor, getting a job, and more.

Get involved in local business groups

If you check your local calendar of events, you will find a variety of business and industry groups that get together on a regular basis for business and career building activities. Many have seasoned members who will be happy to guide you in your own career.

Small business services

In every town, there is usually a Small Business Administration presence. Reach out to them and let them know you are seeking a mentor to help you as you start a new business venture. You can get help with writing a business plan, securing grants and other funding, and support with lots of other areas of small business development if you plan to go this route.

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