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Are You Giving Your Team the Tools They Need to Succeed?

Take a look at your work teams. Are they functioning like the well-oiled machine they should be? Or are you noticing a lot of problems with team confusion and conflict? It’s very possible that you have capable people on board, but they do not have the right tools and resources to come together effectively as a team.

Here are some ways to build your teams and employees by providing the right resources.

Update Your Technology And Training

One of the best places to start is by evaluating your current technology. If you have old and outdated equipment it’s time to upgrade. Along with updating computers and telephone systems, you will also want to update the skills of your employees. Bring in trainers or arrange for eLearning to teach your employees the skills that apply to their jobs. If you notice employees are struggling with the new technology, try to see things from their level and get extra help to bring them up to speed.

Document Processes And Policies

A big problem for many teams is fragmentation of documentation and processes. One employee may do things one way and another a completely different way. This can add to confusion and conflict. It is also not an effective way to conduct work. Sit down with your team and work through the processes and procedures for handling specific tasks and then document them in an employee handbook. Provide this information in an easy to locate format for all your employees.

Bring In Temps To Fill Skill Gaps

Chances are there may be some skill gaps within your team. Instead of trying to force employees to figure things out, bring on some temporary employees who have the specific skill sets that you need. Transfer this knowledge to your current employees or consider hiring a temp on permanently.

Improve Communication Channels

A large part of team building and providing the right resources is managed by clear and accurate communication. Keep in mind that different employees communicate and absorb information in different ways. Have a system for communicating in both writing and verbally so that all employees are on the same page. Internal communication systems such as texting and email can also support this goal.

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