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The Secrets to Finding (and Hiring) Top Millennial Employees

Hundreds of books have been written about the value of Millennials in the job market. Now that they make up more than one-quarter of the workforce, they are even more valuable to employers. Millennials are the first generation to be completely technically savvy and they have above-average work ethics. But how can employers find and attract Millennial employees? Here we will share some of the secrets of attracting and reeling in the best Millennial candidates.

Millennials Really Want To Get To Know You

Millennials are the generation in their late twenties who are extremely social by Nature. They have grown up on social networks and they are accustomed to spending a great deal of time networking with other people. They are globally minded and therefore they are continually reaching out and connecting with others using technology. An employer who wants to attract Millennials must go where they are. Participate in social media networks and create fun groups where Millennials will gather and contribute.

Millennials Are Looking For Rapid Career Advancement

In many workforce studies, Millennials have been shown to highly prize recognition from their peers and from other generations. Therefore, if you want to attract Millennials to your company then you must make it clear that you can offer them a direct route to career advancement. This includes learning initiatives as well as the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and earn more.

Millennials Value Work Life Balance Over Salary

A PwC survey indicated that Millennials value work life balance and the pursuit of personal endeavors over salaries. Interestingly enough, the survey also indicated that 42% of Millennials would rather have work-life balance than a raise. This means if you want to attract Millennials then you must provide a work environment that is conducive to flexible work hours and telecommuting whenever possible.

Millennials Are Seeking That Cool Culture

With companies like Google and Amazon offering exciting work environments companies need to do all they can to provide an outstanding work experience. Millennials are looking for that total package which is a great work environment where they can thrive and collaborate with their peers. They love new technology and they love working in modern environments. Make sure to highlight this on your recruitment efforts including your job advertisements.

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