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Our Top Viewed Resources for Job Seekers in 2015

2015 was an outstanding year for many career minded folks, and for good reason. Experts are now saying it’s a candidates’ market, which is good news for the many hard working people in and around Lancaster, PA. We’ve been following the updates and sharing news about career and workplace trends all year, and we want to highlight some of the top job seeker resource blog posts from 2015.

So, sit back and relax while you enjoy reading through our favorite pieces of content from 2015:

How to Approach a Job Interview When You are Sick – Should You Reschedule?

Uh oh, it’s the big day of your job interview and you wake up with a nasty head cold or worse yet, vomiting like you have been out partying all night long. Should you call and reschedule your job interview, or take a chance and try to pull it off while faking wellness? This article features the expert advice of Amy Levin-Epstein of CBS Money Watch on what to do. It’s a must read!

Four Ways to Respond When Nearing Your Breaking Point at the Office

Nearly everyone has been there at one time or another; ready to blow up at someone at work. When the stress is high and patience is fading, what can you do to remain calm and professional? This article shares sound tips on how to regain sanity and focus, while coming off as a real pro. Don’t go postal – take it easy and read this article now.

Tattoos, Piercings, and Hair Colors – Do They Impact Job Interviews?

First impressions are everything, especially in a job interview. But, what can you do if you happen to have piercings, tattoos, and unnatural hair color? This article is a good reminder that erring on the side of conservatism can help you to ace a job interview. We recommend you read it with an open mind and take the advice seriously.

Thank you for taking the time to review our top job seeker blog posts of 2015, and for being a loyal reader of the Staffing Service USA blog. We love helping job seekers, so if you are on the hunt for a new career, check out our current opportunities page.

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