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Make 2016 Your Year…Here’s How to Revamp Your Team and Motivate Everyone This Year

The most talented professional doesn’t always become the best leader. However, a leader who can bring out the best in others can steer a team of talented professionals to consistently outdo their own achievements. If a leader or a manager has to succeed, then one has to work with a team and only then can the company reap the desired rewards in 2016.

Let us talk about a few smart strategies that can help you make 2016 your year as you manage your people to greatness.

It’s Not About You

Managers, leaders or business owners keep talking about what they need, what employees should do and what the company has to make. Seldom does a leader come up and ask what the employees need. The New Year is a great time to change the archaic and ineffective practice. Ask your staff what they need, if they would perform better if things are done in a certain way, would they need more time for specific tasks, is there a need to get some more resources or can there be an effective change in the general modus operandi. There can be dozens of such questions which can bring the company and its employees closer, which will inevitably lead to better productivity.

Old School Management Does Not Apply

No one has ever led a successful enterprise by micromanaging. It is almost impossible for a single person or even a small group of people to manage everything that a company does. One has to delegate. The people assigned specific jobs must get their job done. This cannot happen if the leaders or managers continuously breathe down the necks of their juniors. Everyone needs to be respected, should be given their space and freedom to get the work done and must not be dictated or stringently controlled to an extent that the professional turns out with a robotic outcome.

Learn to Lead by Example

Delegating is quintessential but so is leading by example. Many managers or leaders focus too much on delegating and get everyone to do their jobs but does nothing on their own. A true leader will always be at the front, on the ground, doing the legwork, partaking in all the hassles and hurdles. One who sits on the fence or is not in the game making a difference is an outsider, certainly not worthy of a leader.

Be sure of what the company wants, advocate the needs, empower others, be accessible and flexible, be personable and pragmatic. That will always make the staff happier and that will always lead to more productive hours.

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