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Networking Begins From Hello…Don’t Waste Your First Impression

Networking is important to initiate relationships that may lead to business later. Effective networking can also improve the reputation of a company. Similarly, the impression that you have on potential new recruits can remain with that person for a lifetime and effect your company reputation for just as long.

Job fairs and recruitment events offer an opportunity to reach out to potential employees and customers. Company representatives have the opportunity to introduce the company, its culture, and its values. Typically, there is limited time to spend talking to individuals so materials should be delivered to the location and guests in advance to stimulate interest.

UMBC, an honors university in Maryland, offers advice for companies who host network events and may be looking to hire tomorrow’s most talented workers.

  • When planning a recruitment visit or attendance at a job fair, contact the hosts early and provide company information, job descriptions, and any marketing materials ahead of time. If you can, obtain a listing of expected attendees and reach out to them by email and social media. If you are visiting a university or another educational institutional, advertise your event in student newspapers, social media pages, and other relevant publications.
  • Ensure that your representatives are fully informed and know how to respond to questions. Representatives of a firm should be personable and approachable. It is also desirable if they act as role models for potential recruits. Representatives should distribute business cards and wear nametags.
  • Inform potential applicants of the correct way to apply. Accept resumes but also direct them to the formal portals and ensure that they follow application instructions. Answer any questions that they have and note the applicants that stand out so that you can identify their applications later. Engage with candidates and be interested in what they have to say.
  • Be sure to follow up with any people that you promise to contact later additional information. Not doing so implies that the person was not important and will taint your reputation as an employer.

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