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Managing Employees During the Summer Months

The summer can be a challenging time for employers striving to maintain productivity levels. Exacerbating employee stress levels may be childcare responsibilities once school is out, and an increasing workload as colleagues take much needed vacation. Flexibility from all parties can maintain productivity levels during the summer.

A study by Captivate Network, a leading digital media company, found that productivity levels can drop by as much as 20 percent during the summer months.  The study recommends instituting  flexible options for staff but making sure that they do not encouraging behaviors such as longer lunch breaks or leaving work early on Fridays.

  • Ask staff what would make their summer more manageable and less stressful. The summer can be a time to experiment with flexible hours or work from home options. Staff very often increase productivity if they are given some autonomy. Accountability and hard work is often the response to a gesture of trust from an employer.
  • Temporary staffing to replace absent employees can provide flexibility and ensure that work is completed without additional workload on existing staff. Plan to staff up early so that new staff have a chance to come on board and up to speed.
  • Institute a more casual dress code, take staff to lunch intermittently, or give staff a day off after a busy period. Showing appreciation for your employees by providing unexpected rewards can boost morale during the summer months. Other incentives or rewards can be tickets to a local sporting event or concert.
  • Allow staff a day off to support a local charity event. Allow them time to train for a local 5k race, or spend a day with habitat for humanity. Your staff will enjoy the change and your company will benefit from community engagement and improved reputation. Post articles on your website and social media to show that you are a community-oriented organization.

Maintaining productivity in the summer may mean that staff are given time away from the office. However, the increase in morale and the trust that is cultivated can improve the overall communication among colleagues and supervisors. Use the summer as a time to experiment with new incentives and staff-oriented programs

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