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Happy National Staffing Employee Week!

Temporary employees are the backbone of the workforce — and this is the week to celebrate them!

The American Staffing Association’s (ASA) National Staffing Employee Week is September 28 through October 4. Use this time to show your contingent workforce how much you appreciate all they do for your company.

More than 3 million people are employed by staffing agencies on a weekly basis. A total of 75% of these professionals have full-time positions and 35% of them hold higher-skilled occupations.

The flexibility they exhibit in their employment status helps so many companies meet deadlines, finish projects and exceed their goals — while staying within their budget.

3 Ways to Celebrate National Staffing Employee Week

Show your temporary staff how much you value their contributions by honoring them in one of these four fun ways:

  1. Hold a Celebratory Lunch
    Show gratitude to your temporary workers by taking them out to lunch or throwing a midday party at your office. This is a great way to honor them for their many contributions to your team and make them feel really special.
  1. Write a Thank You Note
    Handwritten thank you notes add a personal touch that can’t be achieved over email, but hardly anyone takes this route these days. Dig out a pen and paper and write an old-fashioned note telling each person how much you appreciate all they do for your team each day. Don’t be surprised to see this note proudly displayed on their desk for weeks to come!
  2. Offer Gift Cards
    Finding the right gift for a colleague can be a challenge. Get it right by giving out gift cards. If you know a store or restaurant they like, purchase one for that specific retailer, otherwise stick with a general card Visa or American Express gift card that can be used anywhere. You can’t go wrong with gift cards!

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