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How to Proceed When You Know You’re Being Let Go

The hardest time to head to the office is when you know you face redundancy. However, creating a plan of action can help you transition with minimal collateral damage and move quickly on to the next opportunity.

The outlook for job seekers is rosy. Time magazine predicts increasing job opportunities for job seekers in 2015 with staffing levels expected to rise by 19 percent.

The Young Entrepreneur Council offers advice to those who face being let go. An attainable goal is to maintain network contacts and friendship with colleagues. Expressing anger or emotions on hearing the news is natural but unwise. Leave the building if you have to. However angry or upset you may be, avoid displaying any negativity.

  • Avoid placing blame, becoming defensive, or bad-mouthing the company. Act professionally, and take the time to rationalize your situation. The situation may be no fault of your own. Try to obtain a reference from your supervisor or other representative. It could be valuable in the future to explain the reasons why you were let go.
  • Tony Lee of Careercast recommends obtaining continuation of your health and life insurance coverage until you find new employment. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires employers to make health coverage available for a time to terminated employees.
  • Remember that you are free to pursue other opportunities. Being let go can be a positive experience because you are likely to find a better situation, one more suited to your skills, and one that has long term potential. Find the upside, and try to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Develop a plan for your job search. Exploit social media and update your online presence on LinkedIn and other professional platforms. Consider what type of job you would like to find. Also, consider any educational or entrepreneurial possibilities. Be open-minded. Use the event as a catalyst for something better.

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The job market is much healthier than it has been in recent years, and our professionals will help you to find a position that will move your career forward.

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