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How to Replace Your Top Employee When they Leave

The job market is improving and, in the future, employers may find it harder to retain talented employees tempted by seemingly greener pastures. A new survey by Harris Interactive and Glassdoor reveals optimism among American workers concerning their earning power in 2015. This could be bad news for employers.

According to the study, almost 50 percent of workers polled believe that they can find another job that matches their current compensation. Moreover, 35 percent claim that they will look for another job if they do not receive a raise within 12 months. With the prospect of increasing turnover for businesses, Sandler Training offers tips for replacing top sales people, and much of the advice is applicable to the replacement of any talented employee from any industry.

  • Capture the knowledge of your top performers. Understand why they are so good at what they do. Have them pass on their expertise through “How to” guides and other training and knowledge tools. Their experience and knowledge is valuable, is considered proprietary to the company, and should be shared.
  • Employ non-traditional recruitment tools. Ask existing staff for recommendations. Leverage social media. Partner with a staffing agency that can find a replacement or advice you in your efforts. Agencies have networks and the latest tools to search and locate top candidates who may or may not be active job seekers.
  • Build a reputation as a desirable employer. Your reputation will determine the calibre of employees you attract. Populate your website with articles and videos that introduce existing staff. Showcase a work environment that will attract the type of person you seek. Top performers want to work for an industry leader that care about employee well-being and professional development.

Similarly, emphasize your company culture and your staff benefits such as training, flexible work schedules, or a superior health plan.

Staffing Service USA can help your company to improve its reputation as a leading employer of talented individuals. Contact us for your staffing needs.

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