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Reasons You May Not Have Gotten the Job

Perhaps the most frustrating factor with respect to job interviews is never knowing why you were not selected. In many cases, the reason is not a reflection of your job search capabilities. According to Bob McIntosh of HCareers, a company might ultimately decide to hire someone from inside, you may have been more knowledgeable than your interviewer, or the interviewers may simply be incompetent or have hired based on personal biases.

If the above factors are not the reason, OI Global Partners surveyed HR consultants and found the main reasons why candidates fail to get a job.

  • The top reason, cited by almost 70 percent of respondents, was a failure by the candidate to differentiate themselves from others. Identify what sets you apart from others and communicate this clearly in your cover letter and early in the interview process. More importantly, listen to the interviewer, never interrupt, and make sure your responses address the question posed by the interviewer.
  • Next on the list was failing to apply past experience to the current job opportunity, according to almost 65 percent of respondents. Research the job and the company to find out what type of employees the company has hired recently, and what they require for the current position. Clearly articulate what you can offer the company is directly applicable to their needs.
  • Third, was a lack of enthusiasm demonstrated by the candidate and was cited by over 50 percent of respondents. To express enthusiasm, find a personal anecdote that will resonate with the employer. For example, you may have acquaintances who consider the company a leader in its field, and you are motivated to seek employment with them.

Other reasons cited in the survey included a focus on what the candidate wants rather than what the candidate can offer the employer, lack of preparation for the interview, and being under- or over-qualified. If you found yourself responding “no” when asked about particular experience, you may be underqualified. Do not apply for jobs for which you are not equipped.

Connect personally with the interviewer. In your research of the company, find a connection. For example, you may have attended the same school or lived in the same city. Partner with Staffing Service USA. We will find and prepare you for worthwhile opportunities that will help you to succeed and grow.

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