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Should You Respond to a Call From Your Recruiter (If it’s a Week Old)?

The recruiter wants to find the best candidate for the client. For this reason, your interactions with a recruiter should reflect how you would respond professionally and in the workplace. Failing to respond to your recruiter reflects a lack of respect for their services and the recruiter, in turn, will not consider you when the next opportunity arises.

  • Yolanda Owens, writing for Forbes, emphasizes that recruiters are busy. An email to explain your delay in responding may be appreciated more than a return call, which can be distracting and is not the most effective use of time. Remind the recruiter of your interest with a brief summary of your latest conversation. Provide details of how you can be reached.
  • An email provides a record of your communication. The recruiter can use your email to research your status and to find out why you were contacted in the first place. Phone messages are easily lost or forgotten. In your email, reference your last communication or the type of position you are seeking. This can make the recruiter’s much easier, and encourage them to work with you toward a positive outcome.
  • Always be professional. You may have no interest in an opportunity that the recruiter has brought to your attention. It is wise to let them know and provide the reasons why, by email, so that the recruiter has a record. Doing so will allow the recruiter to better understand what your needs and preferences are. However, be careful not to burn bridges. An interview can lead to other possibilities, not to mention it is good practice.

The results that you get from partnering with a recruiter are a reflection of your relationship with the recruiter. Work as an effective team member and provide the information that the recruiter requires. Recognize that the recruiter has many clients, but a responsive attitude and a willingness to cooperate may maintain your status as a priority candidate.

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