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Are You Willing to Move for Your Next Job?

The decision to move for a job can depend on many factors. A high salary can certainly entice a geographic career move. Sharon Florentine of CIO collected data from and and summarized the top ten states for technology workers. Florentine highlights career opportunities in each state.

The state leaders for technology jobs are California, New York, and Texas. California and Silicon Valley are synonymous with lucrative technology positions. reports that Silicon Valley boasted the highest paid talent in 2013. New York was second and has over 6,000 technology jobs available each day. Texas is the home of Dell, and the energy and finance industries in Dallas or software firms in Austin offer significant employment opportunity.

If you are in the hospitality industry, San Francisco offers over 300 hotels and inns requiring staff. Houston, Texas has a huge metropolitan area with the greatest job growth in the hospitality industry from 2008 to 2012, according to HCareers citing the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Citigroup has developed a relocation checklist that is helpful for those faced with the decision of whether to move.

Depending on your responses, the list provides a score that can indicate whether a move is right for you. The checklist addresses various factors such as life events, how much you like your current job, whether you desire international experience, or whether your family supports a move.

In a job interview, it might be difficult to answer the question “Are you willing to relocate?” If you answer with some hesitation, it could cost you the job. If you are uncertain, state that where you live is less of a concern than your career path. Use this question as an opportunity to confirm your interest. Emphasize that you are more impressed by what you have learned of the company and consider the job a good fit your skills. If you cannot relocate be honest and say that you would consider it if your circumstances were to change in the future.

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