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One Third of Jobs Are Disappearing | How to Calm Employees and Keep Them Productive

The economy is emerging from the depths of recession; however, the availability of jobs depends on many other factors. Thomas Frey’s recent TED presentation at the TEDxReset Conference in Istanbul Turkey provided some comforting news along with the prediction that two billion jobs will disappear by 2030.

Frey provides a commentary on the changes in technology and the effects that such change will have on the future world of commerce and education. Frey discusses five industries that he predicts will disappear and the industries that will replace them. Frey’s talk can be used to calm concerned employees by explaining that dramatic change will to take place far into the future and, although jobs will be lost, other types of jobs will replace them.

  • For example, Frey believes that the power industry will undergo dramatic change in response to health and environmental issues. The role of utility engineers, railroad repairers, and transportation workers will change as power technology moves from a national grid to micro grids on a scale from single homes to large cities. Power lines will disappear along with coal plants. The good news is that the shifts in the power industry will initially provide jobs such as installation crews, new engineers, managers, and regulators.
  • The car industry will see the arrival of a driverless car. These vehicles will be used for deliveries, groceries, and packages. Privately owned cars will allow passengers to work online or enjoy entertainment en route. Frey predicts that cars without drivers will ultimately be considered safer than cars with drivers. FedEx, UPS, taxi, limo, and bus drivers will be effected. New jobs will include delivery dispatchers, traffic monitoring, system operators and engineers, and emergency crews.
  • Education will change, and online learning will become common. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology currently offers over 2,000 courses online, and there have been over 130 million downloads. The Khan Academy, which teaches science and math online, offers a similar number of course, and downloads exceed 100 million. The implication with respect to jobs is fewer teachers and professors but more coaches, course designers, and learning camps.

Other areas of development include 3D printers able to build objects and even buildings. 3D designers, engineers, and manufacturers will be in demand. “Bots” or robots will be created that can carry gear for the military and perform functions such as fishing, mining, and farming creating jobs for robot designers, engineers, and repairmen. Comfort your staff with the knowledge that progress is essential, and jobs will continue to be created.


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