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Kick Start 2015 and Launch Your Team Towards Annual Goals

The New Year offers an opportunity to set new goals and to make changes in existing strategies and processes. After the brief holiday respite, staff may be open to new ideas. Joshua Coburn of The Business Journals recommends considering the wellbeing of your staff when improving team performance. Staff morale and trust in leadership is crucial to staff enthusiasm.

Therefore, explain company strategy and goals to employees so that they can understand how their work will contribute. Invite their feedback and opinions. Your employees are your frontline and have direct contact with suppliers, customers, and stakeholders. They often possess untapped information. Wayne Elsey of Orlando Business Journal suggests five ways to launch renewed efforts in a sales team for 2015, which are also applicable to any type of business team.

  • Recognize the mobile movement. Mobile technology and handheld devices is leading the race as far as user demand is concerned. Business people and customers want to conduct transactions using handheld mobile devices in an increasing number. Smart businesses are ensuring that their websites are mobile friendly so that customers and employees can work optimally.
  • Incorporate social media into your practices. Allow teams to communicate using social media as a platform to encourage real time interaction and knowledge sharing. With social media, all team members can access a common site to share data or post useful information. Social media is the communication mode favored by millennials who are set to represent 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, according to the Financial Post.
  • Engage with your employee teams and seek feedback from them with respect to business and their own needs. Find out what would help your teams to be more productive. For example, the ability to work from home or remotely might allow some individuals to better manage their lives. According to London Loves Business, providing employees with come control results in happier, more productive employees. If a team member must cover for a co-worker, this encourages accountability and a team dynamic.

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