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Tips to Turn Your Passion into a Career

Turning a passion into a career is the goal of many. However, the hard part is determining what you are passionate about and whether you have the commitment and resources to pursue it. Success comes from hard work and, often, failure. But determination and persistence can turn setbacks into achievements. Passion negates boredom as athletes or musicians will attest. What is common among them is an unrelenting drive.

4 Tips for Finding Your Career Passion

1) Research. The more you know about your chosen field, the more successful you will be. If you plan to start a business, research similar businesses and gauge your strategy practically. If you plan to change professions, research the companies that may be available to you as employers. Do you need training or additional education for your chosen profession? Research the qualifications and experience of individuals in similar positions.

2) Spread the word. Network and connect with groups and individuals established in your intended field. There may be opportunities for collaboration, or a need that will act as a launching pad. Use social media and industry events to meet people and gain insight.

3) Accept that you have to start somewhere. You may have to begin with volunteer or low-paying positions until you learn the trade and establish credentials. Consider this a learning curve, but monitor your progress so that you can see your achievements and growth. This will be your motivation.

4) Try a side project. It takes courage to quit a secure job for a risky venture. Try a project or two on the side to grasp the reality of your prospects. Accept that there will be good results and bad and that you will have no spare time. You will require the support and understanding of family and those around you. However, once you are up and running, your vocation could be a lucrative option that provides flexibility.

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