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Don’t Skip THIS Hiring Step!

A cover letter is an integral component to any application and can reveal a substantial amount of information about a candidate. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council contributed opinions to The Muse concerning cover letters. The individuals discussed why cover letters should not be overlooked by recruiters and hiring managers in the rush to review credentials and qualifications.

Submitting a pre-written resume electronically is quick and easy. Penning an original, tailored cover letter takes research, effort, and accuracy. Only those candidates who are genuinely interested in the position will take the time to submit an effective cover letter. The cover letter can be a useful screening tool for many reasons:

  • A cover letter frames the application and resume. A good candidate should introduce themselves and persuade you of their suitability. Whereas a resume is often a list of schools and employers, a cover letter can reveal more personal aspects of the candidate and tell more of a story. CNN Money emphasizes that if the resume raises questions, such as employment history gaps, the cover letter may provide an explanation.
  • Cover letters showcase writing skills. A cover letter provides a test of a candidate’s writing and grammar skills that can be difficult to determine from a resume. The letter can eliminate candidates who may lack basic communication skills or who are unable to sell themselves. Most importantly, a cover letter is an opportunity for a candidate to shine and reflect their own creativity and originality.
  • If the application procedure requires a cover letter, applicants who fail to submit one may not be able to follow directions. If you requested the candidates to specifically address relevant job skills in the cover letter, you can weed out those that include irrelevant information. If your company favors unique individuals, generic letters should be rejected in favor of a more creative, unique style.

Professional recruiters can decipher those applications better suited to your company needs. We use cutting-edge screening tools to assess candidates that reach beyond resume keyword searches. Staffing Service USA can identify the unique candidates that fit your organizational culture. Contact a professional for guidance with your hiring and screening processes.

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