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Make Any Event a Networking Event

Wall Street Journal contributor, Marilyn Faucher, reported on the networking efforts of an MBA graduate in his search for a professional marketing position. Setting his sights on a big city firm, from his remote location in Williamsburg, Virginia, he successfully reached contacts in leading marketing companies using social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

The tactics employed by the graduate provided exposure to contacts he otherwise could not have reached. Ultimately, the graduate student’s networking resulted in a referral from such a contact to the HR department of a New Jersey firm, where the MBA graduate is now senior leader on an e-commerce team. To network effectively, an updated LinkedIn and social media profile is crucial, and a photo can help people put a face to a name.

  • One tactic described by Faucher is joining industry groups and engaging in topic discussions. Post new and interesting articles. The goal is to develop rapport with contacts to the point where they might be comfortable referring you to other members and possible hiring companies.
  • Comment on a project or experience that a contact may have led, or been involved in, and request an informational meeting. The more you engage, the more you are likely to develop stronger networking relationships. Ask others if they know a specialist who could help you with a certain question, or topic. Build your connections.
  • Inc., contributor Patricia Fletcher, recommends strategies for face-to-face networking. They include researching local events or trade conferences and finding speakers or subjects that interest you. Many of these events are attended by people who want to interact and chat with other interested participants. You will soon find it easy to introduce yourself and your business card. Maintain relationships with those that you meet by connecting via social media or meeting at a future event.

Meeting new people is enlightening, and many individuals will appreciate your effort and enthusiasm. Each event that you attend will become easier and attending such events may be a part of your next role. Contact a Staffing Service USA professional to learn of upcoming industry events in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Our professionals have established relationships with local employers that can benefit your networking and job search.

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