Tips to Turn Your Passion into a Career

Turning a passion into a career is the goal of many. However, the hard part is determining what you are passionate about and whether you have the commitment and resources to pursue it. Success comes from hard work and, often, failure. But determination and persistence can turn setbacks into achievements. Passion negates boredom as athletes […]

Make Any Event a Networking Event

Wall Street Journal contributor, Marilyn Faucher, reported on the networking efforts of an MBA graduate in his search for a professional marketing position. Setting his sights on a big city firm, from his remote location in Williamsburg, Virginia, he successfully reached contacts in leading marketing companies using social media platforms such as LinkedIn. The tactics […]

The True Costs of a Bad Hire

A recent survey conducted by Careerbuilder provides sobering information for employers who fail to effectively hire. Forty-three percent of employers who mistakenly hired the wrong person did so because they needed to fill a position quickly, but other factors were also cited. Considering that seven out of 10 businesses had experienced a bad hire and […]

Tips on Building Team Morale as Spring Approaches

For some, corporate team building events are worse than a visit to the dentist. For others, they represent an opportunity to escape from the office and enjoy the outdoors. How effective these events are in improving organizational effectiveness is addressed in an article by Lindsay Olson, a recruiter who writes for US News. She notes […]