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How to Stop Micromanaging and Encourage Your Team to Reach Their Full Potential

Do you want your team to become innovators? The movers-and-shakers and the creative powerhouse of the organization? We are here to tell you that too many managers are micromanaging and focused on control.

Do you require your employees to report their daily tasks to you every day? Are you involved in even the smallest of projects? Or do you discourage your employees from making decisions without your consent? Then guess what! You are micromanaging your employees into a tiny box – one that is made up of strict rules and provides very little room for growth or inspiration. When this happens, a team often becomes stagnant and less productive.

Why squander the precious creative energy and natural ability of your employees? Instead, encourage your team to think outside of the box and start with everyday work processes. It’s time to take a step back and allow your workers to, well, work. Here’s how: 

Recognize the unique talents of your people.

Every member of your team has something valuable to contribute to the organization. Take the time to get to know what these qualities are. Observe your team in stressful situations, when things are in chaos. Who stands out as problem solvers, leaders, and creative thinkers? Who comes up with good ideas for getting things done? 

Giving your employees the space to be creative and solve problems is an essential part of learning how to utilize internal talent best. And, once you can adequately identify individual talent, encourage and use it! Consider each person’s growth potential, leadership capabilities, and where they are in their career.  

Give people new and exciting projects. 

Now that you have a better idea of what the members of your team are capable of find tasks and projects that are worthy of their talents! Lift people on your team to a higher level of productivity. And allow them to shine in front of their peers. Your job as a manager is to support staff development, not stifle it by micromanaging even the smallest of tasks. Give your employees meaningful work tasks to help them to stay on board and inspire them to greatness. Some of your company’s best ideas could be sitting dormant within your employees. 

Make your team a part of the solution. 

Include your team when problems or changes are occurring within your organization. Get them involved in the decision-making process. Meet with them and regularly communicate what’s going on. Invite your team members to help come up with solutions, shortcuts, and streamlined processes. 

When you use the above techniques, you can become a better manager, leading a strong team that’s ready to tackle just about any issue that comes up! Just remember to manage your team with creativity, objective thinking, and encouragement.

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