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Are You Making a Positive or Negative First Impression During Your Interview?

Studies show that the first impression you make on others has a lasting effect on how they think about and remember you. This is especially true when it comes to job interviews. The way you present yourself, even if you are meeting a recruiter for only a few minutes, can dictate the entire course of your career. That’s right! So, no pressure.

The last time you had a job interview, did you worry about the kind of first impression you made on the recruiter? Maybe you dressed well, brought your best resume copy, and put on a brave face – but somehow, you left wondering if things went well? Then, you’re not alone. Candidates who make a great first impression are often ranked higher on evaluations of professional capabilities, whether or not they are better qualified. So, how can you try to ensure that you are making the best first impression possible? By following a few simple tips!

1. Always Be Punctual

Recruiters are on tight schedules, so they look favorably upon candidates who show up early or on time. But, do not show up too early. Arriving 10-15 minutes before an interview is a sweet spot.

2. Look The Part

Dress like you already work there. Look over the company website and try to dress just a little better (polos instead of t-shirts, khakis instead of jeans). And make sure that your clothes aren’t too tight or too baggy or too revealing.

3. Smile

Remember to smile and use eye contact. You will appear to have a warm and friendly personality, and this helps you to develop rapport quickly with others. Being kind and polite is an overall great rule of thumb, but especially when interviewing at a company, be sure to greet the person at the front desk with respect and politeness.

4. Listen and Ask Relevant Questions

An interview is not an interrogation session. It’s your chance to show you can listen and answer questions thoroughly, and you can respond with a few related items of your own to show genuine interest.

5. Be Prepared to Talk about the Company (And Yourself)

Research the company on social media, their website, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Know as much as you can before going into your first interview, and be prepared to answer questions about yourself.

If you receive a call back to interview again, you probably did a great job during your interview! If you have not heard back, use the experience as practice for future interviews.

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