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How to Avoid Oversharing During Your Next Interview

There are few moments in life where making a good impression is more important than during a job interview. If you’re preparing for an interview, how can you guarantee you will leave your interviewer with a positive impression? It’s not all about saying the right thing; your interviewer’s opinion depends much on what you DON’T say. How can you avoid oversharing in your next interview?

When social media says too much

It’s possible to overshare before you ever walk in the door. Thanks to social media, we live in an era when people are more comfortable than ever with strangers being able to see intimate details of their lives. If there was ever a time when your online presence didn’t matter, that time is long gone. Today, it would be naïve to believe you can have an online persona that does not reflect on who you are in the flesh. Essentially, anything with your name or face on it can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. Knowing your future employers will likely be vetting your online activity, there is a simple solution: think before you post.

What do you say when you’re not speaking?

An interview is not the time to put every aspect of your life and personality on display; rather, it is your chance to let your professional qualifications stand out and shine. While you may value your individuality, overly casual clothes or mannerisms could say more about you than you wish to be known. When deciding how to dress or act during your interview, it’s always best to err on the side of being formal and respectful.

Stay on point

Your recruiter is likely to ask some vaguely personal questions, but remember that their goal is simply to break the ice while finding out – as quickly as possible – what you are like as a person. For example, they might ask about your family; are you married, do you have children, etc. This isn’t a chance to tell your life’s story. Keep your answers simple and direct, and never let your story wander. No matter what, stay focused on your professional qualifications.

Avoid dangerous topics

Though your interviewer is unlikely to ask about potentially divisive subjects such as religion or politics, there is no guarantee you won’t have to deal with a delicate question. If so, quickly and politely redirect the conversation back towards your skills and qualifications.

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