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Are You Asking the Right Interview Questions?

Interviews are often the decisive step in the hiring process. Even so, despite the effort, time and resources expended during the hiring process, a shocking amount of new hires don’t work out. In fact, studies show that nearly half of all new hires wash out within 18 months. Is the interview process to blame? Yes and no. It’s not that interviews should be done away with; rather, hiring managers need to reevaluate their interview strategy. In essence, an interview is a two-way question and answer session. Ask the wrong questions, and you’ll waste everyone’s time – possibly with disastrous consequences. In contrast, the right questions will lead you to a great decision. What are the most important interview questions you haven’t been asking?

What can you tell me about this company?

Does the candidate care about this job? To a great extent, the amount of research they have done in preparation reveals their seriousness about the position. The ideal candidate will be capable of offering an insightful analysis of your company’s policies, processes and reputation.

What is your ideal work environment like?

Every candidate comes to a new job with unique expectations. When asking this question, try to draw out an answer that covers both technical resources and workplace interactions. After listening to their answer, do their needs seem realistic, or will this candidate be impossible to please? On the other hand, you may find that their expectations are realistic but do not mesh well with your company culture. Either way, you will gain valuable insight into their thought processes.

Why are you attracted to this position?

One of your primary goals is to weed out job hoppers and anyone who cannot add long-term value to your business. Someone who views your company as a quick stop in an endless job search is unlikely to reward your investment in them. A good candidate should at least be able to explain what this position means to them.

Tell me about a risk you took that didn’t pay off. What went wrong?

An employee’s ability to solve complex problems is vital to your success. In fact, the ability to devise and implement a novel solution is as important as the willingness to examine our mistakes. Is your candidate capable of humble self-examination while retaining an innovative spirit? To make sure you end on a positive note, follow up this question by asking for an example of a risk or solution that did pay off.

What do you look for in a boss?

Every person thrives under different types of leadership. Are you the type of leader who likes to keep close watch over their employees, or do you prefer to offer freedom and autonomy? This is not a question about who is right and who is wrong, but of compatibility. A strong workforce is built from members who work well as a team.

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