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6 Ways to Stay Productive… When All You Want to Do Is SLEEP!

Clock in, clock out. They call it the daily grind for a reason. A hectic work schedule can have you worn down before you know it – staying focused when your pillow is calling out to you is a fight every human has had. What does it take to win the fight and stay productive all day?

1.      Pick an important task and finish it

Achieving a goal isn’t just satisfying; it gives you a boost of excitement and energy that keeps you productive long after you’ve finished. Start by making a list of what you hope to accomplish during the day. Then, pick the most important goal and focus all your energy on it. Once you complete your goal, use that momentum to carry you through less exciting tasks.

2.      Take regular breaks

Taking a break doesn’t mean you’re lazy. Studies confirm that a quick break can produce an incredible boost in productivity. Just like your muscles, your mental focus wears out when under constant pressure. A short, hourly break allows you to take a breath, refresh yourself and clear your mind. When you get back to work, your increased productivity will more than make up for the lost time.

3.      Get your caffeine boost (but not too much)

Many people rely on a cup of coffee to get their day started. The boost caffeine gives is undeniable, but you need to be careful not to overdo it. Jitters and nervousness don’t go well with a hectic work schedule, so try to limit your caffeine intake to a reasonable amount.

4.      Drink more water

One of the other downsides of overusing coffee and energy drinks is they are a poor substitute for what your body really needs: water! Dehydration, which often goes along with a stressful day, leads to a cloudy mind incapable of focusing on important tasks. Also, remember coffee and tea will make your body excrete more water. If you’ve been self-medicating with a Cup o’ Joe, be sure to drink extra water to offset the loss.

5.      Get some sun

Before electricity, TV and phones that keep us up through the wee hours of the night, schedules were built around the sun. People woke up with the sun, worked under the sun and ended their day after sunset. Your body and brain still take sunlight as a cue that it’s time to get to work. If you can’t step outside at some point during your shift, something as simple as opening the shades or taking a break by a sunny window can give you a jumpstart.

6.      Lose the distractions

Keeping focused when your mind is foggy and your eyes are heavy is hard enough; don’t handicap yourself with constant distractions. Unless your job requires you to stay available and connected, consider turning off your phone and putting it out of reach. Messages that aren’t urgent can wait, and it’s too easy for a tired head to lose track of time when distracted.

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