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4 Clues You Have Found the Ideal Candidate

Recruiting new employees is not a job to take lightly. You’re not searching for the middle ground, someone who barely meets your needs. The ideal candidate not only meets your current expectations, they can help your business grow and succeed in the future. Don’t let them slip through your fingers! Here are some clues to help you identify the ideal candidate.

Do they ask the right questions?

You’re the boss, right? Maybe so, but the ideal candidate knows how to manage themselves even to take charge, when necessary. During the interview, give the candidate a chance to take control by letting them ask questions. Did they come prepared? Are their questions intelligent and probing? Do they display understanding and insight into how your business functions? The right candidate will show what they are made of by asking smart questions.

Are they adaptable?

No two companies are alike. No matter how experienced a candidate may be, it will take time for them to adapt to your company’s culture and practices. Try presenting the candidate with a hypothetical problem, or perhaps review one or two of your company policies and ask for their opinion about them. Do their responses indicate an eagerness to find practical solutions, or do they stubbornly insist on doing things their way? Their answers reveal a lot about their flexibility.

Can they help your business improve?

Just as you expect your new employee to be adaptable, you should recognize the same flexibility is needed on your end. After all, businesses that don’t adapt and evolve in an ever-changing market will stagnate and die. Does your new candidate have the experience or intelligence needed to present novel ideas to your company? The ideal candidate gives you the chance to rethink your current practices. For example, though loyalty is important, a candidate who has held positions at many businesses might have more to offer than one who spent many years at their previous job.

Are they passionate?

No, you can’t ask about their love life! A passionate candidate is one who is excited to work at your company, one who sees opportunities where others see challenges, and one whose infectious energy lifts morale and inspires others. Therefore, it often pays to ask about a candidate’s interests outside of work. A candidate with varied interests or hobbies is likely to bring that same energy and passion into work as well.

Are you able to answer “yes” to these four questions? You’re on the right track! But finding the perfect candidate isn’t always easy. As a leading temp agency in Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding area, we have over two decades of experience serving local businesses. Our expert recruiters can help you find temporary, part-time or permanent additions to your staff. Contact us today to find out more.

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