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How to Make the Most of Your Semi-Annual Performance Review

Almost nobody looks forward to performance reviews. Employees dread them, and even experienced managers are often baffled and uncomfortable with the process. Are you nervous about an upcoming performance review? Don’t be. With the right tools and the right attitude, your semi-annual review can actually work out in your favor. In fact, it might even give you a chance to negotiate a raise. What will it take to make the most of your performance review?

Looking to nail your performance review? PLAN AHEAD.

Though a bit of a harsh truth, the fact is being unprepared for any performance review could cause you to lose momentum in your career. You can start mentally preparing yourself for your review weeks ahead of time. Essentially, the foundation of your prep work is an honest self-evaluation.

Think about your achievements…

On any other day, it might be considered rude to brazenly toot your own horn, but the rules are different on review day. A performance evaluation is the perfect time to present your best side to your supervisor. What have you accomplished since your last review? These achievements should be clear in your mind, and you should be able to directly explain their value to whoever is conducting your review.

… and your failures.

If you’ve ever seen a movie fight, you know they always end with a dramatic, surprise finish. Though movies do a poor job of representing reality, this much is true: a surprise attack can be devastating. Your manager is undoubtedly aware of any failings or mistakes you have made and is certain to bring them up. Don’t be caught off guard. Long before your review, think honestly about ways you can improve your performance. When asked about your mistakes, you should be able to present an honest assessment of what went wrong and how you plan to do better in the future. Do this, and you can use your mistakes in your favor.

Stay positive.

Putting all metaphors aside, there is no need for your performance evaluation to feel like a fight. Instead, think of it as nothing more than two professionals sitting down to discuss the needs of the business. Even when the conversation involves your shortcomings, don’t take it personally. Instead, accept there are many ways that all of us can grow professionally. In fact, you can use this opportunity to express ideas or projects you think could benefit your business. If you maintain a positive tone and attitude, you can view your evaluation as a success.

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