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Hiring for Company Culture – Why It’s Not Always the Best Idea

No one wakes up in the morning thinking, “I hope I argue with a coworker today.” Almost everyone considers a hostile working environment to be a downside, which is why we prefer to work with people whose attitudes and viewpoints are similar to ours. In an effort to construct this ideal workplace, it’s become trendy to recommend hiring with your company culture as one of the most important factors. While there is some value in hiring for company culture, our staffing experience shows that this can cause you to overlook some great candidates.

When does hiring for company culture work?

It’s easy for personalities to clash in a hectic workplace. If a manager has a very strict, by-the-book policy, they are unlikely to get along with a workforce that values flexibility. In contrast, a laid-back, anything-goes atmosphere could be toxic to a reserved, more conservative worker. Essentially, if a candidate’s personality and work ethic are a drastic departure from what your company is known for, they may struggle to fit into the pack.

Hiring for company culture can help avoid some of these problems. Instead of focusing solely on a candidate’s experience and skills, try to imagine how they will mesh with your current team. If you can imagine them working seamlessly alongside your current team, you may have found what you’re looking for.

The huge downside of hiring for company culture

The problem arises when company culture becomes one of your top priorities. Hiring for company culture does a poor job of supplying the key factor that has driven – and will continue to drive – all great businesses: innovation. It’s quite simple, really. Companies that fail to change, adapt, and innovate will die. While it is tempting to fill your walls with like-minded people who you enjoy working with, a failure to diversify in every sense will eventually lead to your company existing in a box, a vacuum devoid of fresh ideas. If this happens, you will quickly fall behind the competition.

Finding balance

An effective hiring strategy cannot be boiled down to a single, simple idea any more than a person can survive on a single type of food. Before developing a hiring strategy, you will need to look at every angle and consider your company’s unique needs. As one of the leading temp agencies in Pennsylvania, Staffing Services USA knows exactly what struggles local businesses are facing. We can help you fill temporary, part-time, and long-term positions in any industry. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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