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This is Probably Why You Didn’t Get Called for That Interview

You spent weeks and months researching your target companies for the perfect job. Then you invested plenty of time crafting an amazing resume, applying for jobs, and sending out your best work. You may have even gotten a few quick calls from recruiters to pre-screen you for these jobs. But then, nothing is happening. What is going wrong? Why haven’t you been called in for an interview?

In this article we will talk about the reasons why you may not have been selected for interview and then we will provide tips to help you land an interview soon.

There Is A Problem With Your Application Materials

Believe it or not technology is not all it’s cracked up to be sometimes. Even when we think that it’s perfect for handling applications and recruitment, things can go wrong. For example, the format of a resume may not open in some applicant tracking systems. When a recruiter receives an application and the resume is either not opening or appears to be missing, they may move on. A way to test this is to send a copy of your resume as an attachment to several friends by email and ask them to open it. Submit your resume in a Word or PDF format because this seems to work the best.

You Failed to Follow Directions

This is something that happens often especially when people are trying to rush to apply for multiple jobs. Before you send your resume off to a potential employer, make sure that you read through all the directions carefully. For example, you may be asked to submit a specific form to another email address to speed up the process. Just be careful and proofread the directions before you take any action or hit the send button.

Something Looks Off About Your Job History

Recruiters are very sharp when it comes to know to seeing little things on resume. this is because we look at them all day long. There are some things that may stand out in a negative way on your resume if you are not careful to edit them out. One of the biggest red flags for a recruiter is a lapse in work history. Anything over 2 months looks suspicious so be sure to include information about what was going on during any times when you were not working. Other red flags include inflated achievements, educational information, and candidates who jump around too many jobs in a short period of time. Work with a career coach and professional resume writer to eliminate these items from your resume.

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