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Why do You Keep Missing Out on Top Candidates?

Building a strong business starts with hiring the best possible people to fill key jobs. The problem is that there is a lot of competition in the job market for the most skilled candidates. Right now, with unemployment numbers so low in PA, it can be difficult to attract and secure the best talent. On top of that, your company recruitment methods may be turning candidates away.

How can your company prevent missing out on the top candidates? Here are some things that may be going wrong with your recruitment efforts.

The application process is far too long

If candidates have to spend more than 3-5 minutes applying for a job, they are likely to move on. You’ve lost them before you’ve had a chance to get to know them. Instead, make your application simple with a one-page form that allows them to upload their LinkedIn profile data and a resume.

Candidates don’t hear anything back

How rude! If you want to set the stage for a positive experience with candidates, then by all means be sure to follow up with them at every chance. For example, once they’ve filled out an application thank them for their time. Keep candidates updated on what’s happening and you will be more able to keep them interested.

Your starting salary and benefits are not enough

Have you had a hard time either recruiting or keeping good people? Your compensation strategy may be outdated. Take the time to review your current salary ranges and compare them against industry salary reports. Then boost the salary of your advertised positions, and add some new perks to attract today’s talent.

The company reputation needs a boost

We live in an ever increasing transparent world, and companies are no exception. People have no problem reviewing their employers on websites and if your company has a bad reputation, good luck recruiting anyone. Be sure to ask your employees to share their positive experiences, advertise this on your company career website, and develop a positive brand in the community.

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