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3 Reasons You are Better than Average | Start Acting Extraordinary

The competition is fierce for good jobs in the Harrisburg, PA area, just as it is in many post-recession regions. Therefore, it’s important to stand out as a candidate in order to grab the attention of the best company recruiters. Elevating yourself from the average candidate to one who is extraordinary takes some creativity, but it’s possible. Just take a look at some of the interesting ways that the following people used to land work:

  • Chris Putnam hacked Facebook and soon he had a job offer from the social media giant, getting hired in 2006.
  • Martin Bailey walked around Nottingham, in London UK wearing a suit and a sandwich board seeking work and handing out business cards to passersby.
  • Graeme Anthony, a PR and social media consultant created an interactive video resume to show off his skills and attract a potential employer.

You don’t have to be a genius or humiliate yourself to be an extraordinary job seeker. But, you do have to think about how recruiters look for people and how to really stand out above other job seekers. Here are three reasons you are better than average:

You’ve got unique skills and experience
You stand out as a candidate because you have several years of amazing experience that have enabled you to hone your skills.  There’s no else like you.  Use this to your advantage by showing off your skills, knowledge, and uniqueness on your resume and cover letter. Stand out on your professional profiles by sharing examples of your strengths.

You have the right attitude and it shows
When it comes to standing out as a candidate, enthusiasm and a positive attitude speak volumes. Recruiters are looking for high energy candidates that they can present to their clients for hire.  Make sure you are demonstrating this in all your interactions with recruiters.  Employers are hiring for personality and culture fit today so keep this in mind as you reach out to companies.

You are ready for a career adventure
Be an extraordinary candidate by showing that you are ready for the next level of greatness in your career. For example, you may be seeking a management position therefore you need to emphasize your skills that lend themselves to a strong management career.  Be sure that your resume and cover letter speak to this, because it’s up to you to “wow” the recruiter based on your readiness for the next great career adventure.

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